Talleres Grala, experts in stamping, laser cutting and bending, tube bending and robotic welding

Transformed tube: cutting and bending

Talleres Grala desarrolla desde hace tiempo un trabajo de transformado de tubo. Principalmente cortamos y curvamos.



For tube cutting we have Adige automatic feeding CNC machines, capable of cutting tube and rod (lengths 65 mm – 3000 mm). For auxiliary operations we work with 2 semi-automatic saws, 1 small band saw, 1 tilting saw and a manual saw.

The section of the tube that can be cut depends on the shape:

  • Round Tube: Up to 102 mm in diameter
  • Square Tube: Up to 80 mm side
  • Rectangular Tube: Up to 100×60 mm


Tube bending is a cold forming process that is applied to metal tube to give it curvature.

For tube bending we have 3 bending machines. Two of them are multi-radius capable of bending tubes up to 65mm in outside diameter, and the other is one-level capable of bending tubes up to 42mm in diameter.

  • Macri 45 bending machine
  • Macri 65 bending machine
  • Tejero H42 CNC bending machine