Talleres Grala, experts in stamping, laser cutting and bending, tube bending and robotic welding

Press jobs

Talleres Grala was created as a press workshop more than 50 years ago. Over time we have been expanding capacities hand in hand with our clients. Having a highly specialized staff has allowed us to become specialists in stamping, cutting and drawing projects.

Gracias a nuestra área de matricería podemos elaborar nuestros propios troqueles y ahorrar coste a nuestros clientes, pues no sólo podemos realizar el mantenimiento de estos útiles sino que podemos llevar a cabo con bastante celeridad las modificaciones que nuestros clientes puedan necesitar.

In short, we can offer:

  • Eccentric presses from 250 to 5,000 KN
  • Drawing, Cutting and Stamping Processes
  • Up to 8mm thick and 500mm web width


We offer the service of flat laser cutting in iron, stainless steel and galvanized.

We optimize the performance of the iron in order to offer the best service to our customers, both for short and long series.

Presses Without Feeder

  • Esna 40 Tm
  • Esna 45 Tm
  • Esna 80 Tm
  • Aitor 250 Tm
  • Esna 315 Tm

Prensas con Alimentador

  • Esna 100 Tm. Clamp feeder, up to 250 mm feed. Feeder capacity, up to 250mm wide and 3mm thick
  • Arisa 100 Tm. Roller feeder, without limit in advance. Feeder capacity, up to 250 mm wide and 4 mm thick
  • Esna 160 Tm. Roller feeder, up to 600 mm advance. Feeder capacity, from 40 to 300 mm of band width, in thicknesses from 0.5mm to 4mm
  • Arisa 500 Tm. Roller feeder, without limit in advance. Feeder capacity, up to 500 mm wide and 8 mm thick